Back To School


I absolutely love the pictures my Facebook and Instagram friends are posting about the first day of school of their kids, I really do. Not me, though.
Oh, I had my pic planned out as well for my kids, a close up of my champagne glass and fuzzy slippers, with my angry, backpack-carrying kids in the background. Pretty cool, huh.
Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. As I am driving to work on a certain day,kids resting comfortably at home in PJs, I get a call from school assistant, asking me if I am aware lower elementary started, which means Ella is MIA. Turns out we have the wrong day for the first-day-of-schol.
Like the responsible parent I am, I turn around, grab a bewildered Ella and drop her to school, me looking perfectly polished and put together, my daughter’s hair wild and outfit crazy. As I am apologizing profusely, I am informed politely Matei, too, is supposed to be at school. So, I run home again and grab a “I can’t believe this is happening” Matei and do the second walk-of-shame of the day.
Finally, I return home yet again, divide and pack the school supplies, dropping them in what now marks the third walk-of-shame to school.
So. If I am not home, please leave my Parent Of The Year Award at the door. Will add it to my large collection of winning-at-parenting trophies. Thanks.


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