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I Wanna Be Six


Ageism is live and well.

I am profoundly amazed by how smart five year olds are. To be specific, I am amazed how smart five and-a-half, and five and-a-quarter year olds are.

I didn’t realize,  till my daughter got to be the BIG five, that at that specific stage in your life, being somewhere around the age of FIVE is a bid deal and, depending where specifically you are on the scale from five to “almost” six, it can really make the difference in the life-changing decision of who will be your “friend” versus your “BEST friend” for the next year.

I used to have hard times keeping up with her classmates’ name. But not anymore. NOW, now I have something to remember them by : Brynn is “just”  the mere five year old, as where her best friend Kendra is the  “almost” S. I. X year old. Gasp.

Oh, wouldn’t you LOVE it if someone would refer to you as: “She is ONLY 38 years old?”

Ella cannot wait till she is  five and a-half-year old. For which she has to wait a whole.month. Till then, we just have to be pleased with being “almost” five-and-a-half.

She keeps asking me if there would EVER be a chance for her birthday to change and take place before her friend’s birthday, because, oh, wouldn’t it be so “awesome” if she got to be a bit older than the competition?

It IS refreshing to see her desire to be older, isn’t it? I really wish we all could learn a good life lesson from her: “Oh, yes, I cannot WAIT till I am 39! Oh, please, please, birthday, will you come around quicker, so that I can finally be 39?”

Alas, knowing this girl’s mother, she will probably stay in her late 30’s for a whole nother decade.